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Gene Adam


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October 27, 2017

Written by Gene Adam

Set higher targets than normal and try your best to achieve them.

Most of the time we don't do the best we can. Want proof?

One time at the Tony Robbins's event, Tony asked the audience, "Let's do an exercise, stand up, and put one of your hands as high as you can". People did. Or so they thought... "Now", he continued, "put it even higher"... to everyone's surprise almost everyone was able to put the hand even higher the 2nd time around...

One of my mentors, Brian Tracy, taught me a trick. The trick is: "Just do 10% more than yesterday". Think of your tasks as muscles. When you're in the gym the trainer would recommend to do just a little more weight every time you work out...

The concept is just AMAZING. It works... If you keep on doing 10% more every day, it will blow your mind ehat results you will achieve. That's 10% today, 10% tomorrow and 10% the day after... In 1 week it's 70% better.... In 1 month it's 300% better... In 1 year it will be.... You know how much? Yeaaaassssss, the whole 3650%


When you write goals, always, I mean always, set them higher than normal. When you shoot for the stars at least you will reach the moon...

My mentor Grant Cardone taught me this. Write your most outrageous goals. Why? Because even if you don't reach them you still reach more than if you set small goals.

I've made smaller goals so I could take smaller steps.. Boy, was I wrong... As time passed I understood that I should have made bigger goals and then split them in chunks of smaller tasks... You need to plan the BIG plan...

You need to come up with a big picture and then pursue the little parts of it... Get BOLD. Make goals like, "How can I get a 40 apartment building" instead of "how can I pay the bills next month" or how to get a "500 dollar part-time job". I get it that having a $500 part-time job is important but it's a small little task that should complement your BIG PLAN.. Get it?

I hope this starts making sense... Because if you don't think big you will be stuck in the past paying bills and catching up with your today's problems.

October 26, 2017

Written by Gene Adam
One of my mentors, Grant Cardone loves to scream loud about this topic... "Be aggressive" and "be obsessed"... I always thought this way, but I could never tell anyone, "hey you gotta get obsessed with your work, get aggressive"... But boy was I wrong.

Maybe you are afraid, maybe you think you will be judged... But there's no way around it.

After I met him I was SO excited!!! I'm not the only crazy one...

You know what some of us, will always be soft, but if you're a go-getter, I'm telling you right now. GET AGGRESSIVE with your work, with your art, with your painting, with you being a great parent, a great lover, a great mother and a great father...

Get aggressive to be the best business man/woman, with your company with your product with quality with YOU BEING GREAT!!!


Get really good at what you do by putting a lot of time into that. All of your energy... And shoot for "quality". Quality friendship, quality relationship, quality time with you parents, quality time with your kids...

Multitasking is evil. A lot of you multitask. you can't do two things at once and give 100% to one.

If you chase two rabbits, you'll catch none. -Russian proverb

Forget about quality if you are multitasking. You can't spend quality time with your child if you are talking to somebody on Facebook. You are there but you're NOT!

You can't study and watch TV!

The point I'm trying to make is that if you get aggressive on 1 thing you can get EXCELLENT RESULTS. No matter what you do...

October 26, 2017

Written by Gene Adam

In the book, Blue Ocean Strategy, Renee Mauborgne, and Chan Kim talk about how important it is NOT to compete with competitors in the same niche("red ocean") where everybody else is selling.

Instead, you should go to the "blue ocean" or a place where there's not many competitors or no competitors at all.


Wow. Profound. How do you do that? Imagine this scenario.

For example, there are a lot of people selling "weight loss" products... The problem is it's too busy already... There are way too many products to choose from, and there's no way to break into that niche...

So what do you do then? You can drill down 2 or more levels down into the subcategory and then sub-sub category...and so on.


Here's what you can do.


Health -> Weight loss -> Weight loss for college students

Wealth -> Real Estate -> Flipping houses on Ebay


I listened to Garrett White (motivational speaker) from the stage and in his marketing he does magic.


He talks directly to the right audience from the beginning.


Read his headline:


Attention married business men! if you want to have sex and energy without hookers or need to listen to this message....


So he is exactly describing his people and he's like a magnet to those people...


He talks directly to them. He knows their traits and he put all of the traits in the headline:


  • They are men
  • They are married
  • They are into business
  • They like sex as a healthy male would
  • They want more energy. They are probably tired from overworking...


In this example, Garrett went 5 levels deep...


Now that's your magnet... If you target specific people and talk to them directly, most likely you will have this message read by these people...


So here's what you can do now:

Come up with your audience and then put them in your headline. Describe them. Talk to them. Make them read it.


This is so crucial that without it you don't have a business.


Because you know that you can't please everyone...



October 26, 2017

Written by Gene Adam

One time I questioned one of my mentors, "What if there are 20 almost identical products for sale, how do you stand out"? On which he replied, "all you gotta do is infuse it with more value"...


Of course I said, "WHHHATT"?


He said, I'll make an example for you.


Let's say you have 20 identical probiotics that are listed on Amazon. How do you make one stand out?


You can wrap it in a bunch of things that come with it. You can write a book about it. You can make a small 4 video mini-course. You can give them an instruction booklet, how-tos, 10 step guide... etc...  You could create real course as a bonus...


Just wrap something around your product that has a huge value... Otherwise your product will stay average and it won't be different from any one else...


Lesson learned. :)


Of course, I loved the advice and right away wanted to share it with you.



October 25, 2017

Written by Gene Adam

Successful people have one thing in common ...  they revisit their passions all the time.


Your passions will change every 5 years.  In the 20s you may have passions totally different when you're in your 30s and 40s or 50s.


Very successful people are happy at work.  They do what they love.  And they can spend thousands of hours doing what they love.


Steve Jobs is a proof of that. He didn't come to work for a paycheck but something bigger than himself. He didn't cry how his job sucks or did he? 🤣


 If you don't love what you do you will have a major burn out.  Sure you can make a lot of money But if you don't like what you do, you won't achieve the heights you could with a passion. It could cost you health, relationships, and get you depressed...


Be a kid again and write down your passions. Don't hold back.  Write passions as BIG as possible you can always cross them out later but it will open possibilities.


It will make you think. It will take you places that you haven't visited in a while...


Get crazy. Write things that are out of your comfort zone but you always wanted to do.


I want to surf. I want to jump from a helicopter on a parachute. I want to open a startup... and raise $20 Million... Anything..


Then, see if you can combine it with what you do and your work... If you can't, then think of your passion, think of it as your motivation. If you make enough money you could do "that" passion that you always wanted...

October 25, 2017

Written by Gene Adam


One of the fresh books that can't go unnoticed is the Experts Secrets by Russell Brunson... You gotta love this guy... (In a good way, hahaha)


I love how he structures his books, nice, simple and sweet... Secret #1, Secret #2, Secret #3 and so on... (I gotta mention that, because when you write you can get into the complex structure of your book and then it's a mess...) Anyway, here we go.


  1. Secret #1: Become an attractive character and a charismatic leader.

When you're a student, life is good... You read a book, you learn a thing or two. You find amazing nuggets and you want to scream, "this stuff so amazing, everyone needs to know this."


And then one day you wake up and you realize you know a lot of stuff... You get an idea that maybe one day you can teach this stuff? What if you could become an expert and sell this stuff?? Wouldn't it be cool? Hey, and you'll make money on the way...


So you go from "growth" stage to "expert" stage but you don't know what to do next. Then Russell goes on about that anyone can become an expert and rightfully so.

Why not do what you love? Why not teach someone that knows less on a subject that you grasp or know more a little more than them? It's a win-win. You teach they pay you for your advice or a book or a course.. And they are happy because you taught them something they don't know

Who do you want to serve?

Russell recommends going from 3 biggest markets and drill deep 3 levels down.. Until you hit a unique niche.



You got Wealth, Health, and Relationships.


Those are the biggest ones. Then you need to dig deeper.


Those are big categories but there's no point to compete in such an overcrowded marketplace.


So let's drill in...



Wealth sub-market got: Finance, Investing, Real Estate

Health  sub-market got: Diet, Training, Weight Loss

Relationships sub-market got: Marriage advice, Dating, Love

You got 3 categories, then you got sub-markets and then your niche!



And that is how you get your niche.


It's not the other way around. The problem is that 90% of businesses do it wrong.


They get into the wrong marketing and then they can never prosper because there are too many competitors in the area...


So your success depends on how deep you're willing to go.


Here are some examples:


Health -> Diet -> "Butter in your coffee" diet

Wealth -> Real Estate -> Flip houses on Ebay

Wealth -> Online business -> Facebook Traffic for e-commerce

Relationships -> Dating -> How to recover from a breakup


Who do you need to become as a leader?


As Jay Abraham said, "People silently want you to take them by the hand and lead", I love that...


So here's what you need to become:


  • Become an attractive character, and live the life your audience wishes they could be
  • Maintain absolute certainty
  • Don't be boring
  • Understand how to use persuasion:

    1. Encourage their dreams
    2. Justify their failures
    3. Allay their fears
    4. Confirm suspicions
    5. Throw rocks at their enemies
  • Care a lot
  • Offer them value from their perceived relationship with you



There's a lot more if you want to get the full book, click below




  1. Secret #2: The cause - Your Cult-ure.


It's all about the mass movement. Just like the biggest the most influential people in movies and real life they create CULT-like mass movement and make everyone follow them..


Obviously, we are going to create a good tribe not a cult but the way people follow is pretty much the same.


If you want to create a mass movement, ask these questions:


  • Where can they place their hope and faith?
  • Make them believe that the impossible IS possible, help them get the results
  • Get them self-identify with your movement
  • Create your title of liberty - meaning that they have to call themselves somehow to be a part of your movement. "I'm a lady boss", or "I'm a biohacker", or "I see things differently"... That statement should be a proud title they could wear on their chest.


This book is just too cool... I'm very excited reading it and reviewing it. 😍


  1. Secret #3: The new opportunity.


In 2001, Steve Jobs stood in front of the world and told everyone he wanted to revolutionize the music industry.


Then he mentioned all the "improvement" offers that promised to get us more of the same.


"You could buy a CD and get 10-15 songs. You could buy an mp3 player and get 150 songs, or you could use a heave hard drive that held about 1,000 songs. Each product improved the one before it and it gave people more songs on one device.


Then, he pulled the first iPod and showed everyone the "new" opportunity he created. Same thing happened to iPhone.


Boom! One success after the other.


That's exactly what we are talking about here.


Most of the time businesses try to "improve" on something. In other words, they are trying to build a better mousetrap, but the mouse trap is already out there and it's working fine... And it's a terrible mistake to make a new model of a "mouse trap" because it's not really needed.


It does sound funny though that you're not going to shop for a better mousetrap model, but you would go out there and find a product you would want to improve on... and improve it... 


People don't want to fix the "old" "thang" and they want to be a part of something new.


It's true in mass movements as well... People don't want to be a part of an MLM that has been around and is too old... 


Take Amway for example, people have talked so much bad stuff about it that it doesn't make sense anymore to start with a company like Amway...


And quite honestly Amway doesn't cut it... It's not sexy anymore.


While they improved over the years, we want to be a part of a new, better and evolved system... 


When the system is new and shiny people haven't talked bad enough about it yet... And psychologically it's a new beginning for you...


The biggest reason people don't want the improvement offers is because of STATUS.


STATUS is the only thing that makes someone to MOVE or NOT to MOVE...


Is the thing I'm considering going to increase my status or decrease it?


When you INCREASE someone else's  STATUS what they really think of is:


  • Intelligence
  • Power
  • Wealth
  • Physical appearance
  • Happiness
  • Style



When you DECREASE someone else's  STATUS what they really think of is:


  • "I will feel stupid"
  • Fear of rejection
  • What if others don't like it?




What it all comes down to is that they will weigh your opportunity.


To go for it or not?


They'll probably create the list of positives and negatives in their mind like this:





Why do people crave new opportunities?


  • New discovery
  • No pain of disconnect
  • Dream replacement
  • Greener pastures


When you switched someone to your opportunity. Don't forget about the opportunity stacking.


You can stack your products one on top of each other.


What "the stack" means is that you create products from cheap to very expensive like this:


1. $0 - free PDF 
2. $17.95 - book
3. $99 -mini course
4. $997 advanced course
5. $5,000 coaching
6. $25,000 inner circle


The goal of "the stack" is to sell them something small... And once they trust you, they will buy from you a more expensive product you offer.



I've written an article about it. If you want you can check it out... Read the full article here.


Next, let's talk about the secret #4, the opportunity switch.


There's so much good stuff you should really just get the full book...



  1. Secret #4: The opportunity switch.


By now you "created" a new niche. Notice that it's not about choosing a niche, it's about creating a niche. If you haven't "created a niche" read the secret #1.


There are 4 steps to an opportunity switch:


Step 1. Get results by working for free.

Step 2. Create a Vehicle or process you're going to take them through... i.e. Masterclass, course, etc

Step 3. Create Content. Give them what they want (what they asked for)

Step 4. Deliver Content. Deliver your Masterclass, course, book.


In short, Promise them a RESULT. And then give them a VEHICLE customized for your customer wants which can give them this result.




Most people want to get paid first. But the key is to get results first. Then you can take the testimonials of people you helped and show the results to others. People will be amazed. 


STEP 2: CREATE / DESIGN THE VEHICLE (your new opportunity)


Next, we need to answer these questions.


  • Where do you find people to serve?
  • What should you create to teach them? 


The best is is to start your own beta masterclass(your vehicle).  Pick a 6-week window when you can deliver your masterclass. During the masterclass, teach a small group of people about your new opportunity and how it will give them the end result they desire most.


This beta masterclass will become your curriculum for the people that will be paying soon. It's important to set it up the same way that others will experience in the future.


The next step is to create your marketing material for your class...


Most people do the opposite - they design the class first and then think about marketing... but that's a formula for a disaster! Why? You'll find out soon.




1. Make a WHO / WHAT Statement That Will Address The Right Submarket and What They Will Be Switching To.


Use the who/what formula. 


I'm going to teach__[who]__ how to__[what]__.



For example, I'm going to teach people who are trying to lose weight.


2. Make an Opportunity Switch Headline.


Now that you have WHO and WHAT... Let's create a sexy title for your class. Focus on results that this workshop can deliver.


Here's a formula you can use: "how to [desire they want the most] without [thing they fear most].


How to create a 7-figure business online without hiring an expensive web designer...


How to make $10k this weekend by flipping your house on eBay without getting a loan from your bank...


How to lose weight through a little-known trick almost instantly without giving up carbs...


3. Curiosity Hook. Figure Out the Big Idea That Will Draw People to You.


There 5 curiosity hooks you can choose from... And most of the time we need just one:


  • Little Known, Big Differences

There's a little-known thing called ______ . Hardly anyone talks about it. But when you learn how to use it, you'll see a huge difference ____________.


  • Well Known, Little Understood

Everyone thinks they know about ________ , but the truth is they're actually sabotaging their success because they are missing little nuances and details ___________.


  • This Changes Everything

Something new just happened on the market ___________ . You need to learn about a new type ___________ that ________ and helps _________ . This changes everything.


  • The Crystal Ball Theory

Are you tired of ____________? Are you not seeing the results from ________ ? Research is showing that _____________ not enough. But __________takes this to the next level - you can ______________ !


  • Revisiting the fundamentals 

Do you spend to many hours _________ , _______ and _________ ? It's time to go back to the basics. With _________ you have to do two things... _________ and _________, keep your _________ and you're good to go...






People buy not what they "need", but what they "want".


People don't want just a vehicle that will give them the result and get them from point A to point B. They want a CD-player, leather seats and air-conditioning...




You need to provide them not only the vehicle but also what's inside of it. 

If you do this correctly you will make them feel as if they found their new home...


You accomplish it by running a simple one-question survey called "Ask campaign". It's based on a 3-step formula.


1. Find a hot market.

2. Ask them what they want.

3. Give it to them.




Sometime we assume we know what they "need". But usually we are incorrect. Because while we "like" or we "think" they need it, it could be completely the opposite...


Give them what they "want", not what they "need"...

Ask them. Create an ask page like this one:




Make a simple headline saying "How to X without Y"


Teach a live work shop.


Ask a question "What's your #1 question about ____"


Offer people a ticket to the beta test group of your masterclass for free, if they'll tell you their #1 question about your topic.


Get all of the answers and then choose 6-8 questions and create an outline like this:


Module #1. How to  ___ [question 1]

   - What is...

   - How to...

   - How to...

Module #2. How to  ___ [question 2]

   - What is...

   - What is...

Module #3. How to  ___ [question 3]

   - How to...

   - How to...

Module #4. How to  ___ [question 4]

   - What is...

   - How to...

   - How to...


And so on...


Once you're done, you can now make a course. Or you can write a book.


There you have it a useful course that you can sell for money.




Set up your private facebook group so your beta members can interact with each other. A group allows you to post content, give class updates, provide accountability, and deliver any bonuses. 


Later you can make a membership site. But for now you're just looking at getting some results for a group of people with your new opportunity.


Use Facebook Live. It works well. can also deliver great webinars.




  1. Secret #5: The Big Domino


The one thing. What is one thing that will make all the rest of dominos fall?




"If I can make people believe that funnels are the key to online business success and are only attainable through ClickFunnels, then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me money."


I came up with my version of this:


"If I can make people believe that automatic income is the key to online business success and is only attainable through Passive Income Movement (, then all other objections and concerns become irrelevant and they have to give me money."


  1. Secret #6: Epiphany Bridge


People buy on emotion and not on logic.


Example, Ferrari. Don't believe me?  Most people buy a Ferrari on emotions because who would want to buy a car with a poorly designed engine in their right mind? What about high gas consumption? What about the price? Doesn't it costs too much money? If we would judge logically we would never want a terrible car like Ferrari...


But we do buy emotionally we say: "Wow. Red color, shiny... look at that body of the car... Wow... Look, how fast it is... It's smooth".


So now that we agree that people buy on emotion and not on logic.


Think about how you got excited when you bought the last course or the last opportunity you got into... How excited you were, your emotions were all over the place...



Try to remember the time you got excited about something new in your life... and try to translate it into your business... What is ONE THING that made you excited and that you can use to excite others.




Technobabble kills the sales.


Write for 3rd graders. The grammar has to be oversimplified.


People don't understand techno bubble. Don't feed them words, phrases and terms most people don't understand... For example, saying: "Lose weight with ketones" will not work well... 


To fight the technobabble all you got to do is use a "KINDA LIKE" bridge. 


So if we talk about the "keytones":


"Keytones are kinda like little motivators in your body that give you energy and make you feel awesome".


How does it feel?


Make your story as alive as possible. Make people feel your story, spend sometime write a great story and people will be drawn in... Story sells.


  1. Secret #7: The hero's two journeys.


Create three things:  

1. Character 

2. Desire

3. Conflict


 Character: Red Riding Hood

 Desire: Take a basket of cookies to her grandma

 Conflict: Big bad wolf


Step 1. Build rapport. It should take 10% of the story. Give them 1-2 core identities of:

1. Victim

2. Jeopardy

3. Likable

4. Funny

5. Powerful


After that give them a flaw... Superman had "kryptonite"... Every movie has one.


Step 2. Give your character a core desire that will drive the character:

1. To win

2. To retrieve

3. To escape

4. To stop


There are two stories of the character:

1. The journey of achievement 

2. The journey of transformation 


The journey of "achievement" is the visible story that you see...

The journey of "transformation" is the invisible story that goes in the background but it transforms the character to a better versions of herself/himself...


Old Beliefs = Identity  ---> to New Beliefs =  ESSENSE


Step 3. Introduce the conflict.


There are five turning points of a great Hollywood Movie:

  • 1. Opportunity
  • 2. Change of plans
  • 3. Point of no return
  • Major setbacks
  • The climax


  1. Secret #8: Epiphany Bridge Script

1. The backstory: what is your backstory that gives us a vested interest in your journey?

2. Your desires: what is it you want to accomplish?
 A. External: what is the external struggle you are dealing with?
 B. Internal: what is the internal struggle you are dealing with?

3. The wall: what was the wall or problem you hit within your current opportunity that started you on this journey?

4. Epiphany: what was the epiphany you experienced and new opportunity you discovered?

5. The plan: what was the plan you created to achieve your desire?

6. The conflict: what conflict did you experience along the way?

7. The achievement: what was your end result?

8. The transformation: what was the transformation you experienced?






October 24, 2017

Written by Gene Adam

When you start writing goals, you will have to start "taking action". Don't just wait for some miracle and glue a fake $100,000 on your refrigerator... It won't put cash in your bank account. 


The millionaire mentors and friends of mine took MASSIVE action... That's why they made it... I know there are a lot of motivational speakers that lure you into believing that "you just gotta imagine, and bada-bing-bada-boom you magically get it"... Say what? Really?


I get that you gotta believe it and yes, you gotta imagine you can do it, but right after you imagine go and GET IT DONE...


Convert your "dream goals" into smaller chunks and break them down into the daily to do tasks.


As one of my mentors Gary Keller says, just break your goals down to the smaller chunks and those into even smaller chunks, and so on... By the way, Gary is the founder of Keller Williams Realty (one of the biggest real estate companies in the world) and he gave me an idea for this system... He also talks about this in his book The One Thing.


The system is called "Matrioshka" system... By the way, "Matryoshka" is a Russian doll for kids, that has multiple dolls inside of each doll... 


Here's how the system works...



So, since you have a doll within another doll and then another doll and so on, you can imagine having:


  • a "Someday Goal" doll...
  • and that has a "5-year Goal" doll...
  • and that has "3-year Goal"...
  • and that has a "1-year Goal" doll...
  • and that has "1-month Goal" doll... 
  • and that has "1-day Goal" doll... 


So if you come up with a "Someday goal" you can break it down into chunks and then when you have a 1-day goal you can do small tasks that will eventually help you build a HUGE, sometimes impossible goal. 


Usually, people think it's impossible, and they are probably right... Because making a such a BOLD GOAL like this many times seems undoable... I've done that...


Many times the one-day goals become habits and that's a good thing because, after 66 times of doing a task, it should become automatic.

October 23, 2017

Written by Gene Adam

Millionaires have one thing in common. They write goals every single day. Here's how it works.

Buy a journal and every single day write goals in the morning before you start your day and in the evening. 


I wake up at 7 am, open my eyes, and then after brushing my teeth I go to the kitchen and make some coffee. While I'm making a coffee I open my journal... and under "goals" I start writing away my goals...


Here's what I wrote the other day: "I want to buy an airplane. I want a house with the views in Sausalito or Tiburon in San Francisco Bay Area... I want to own 10 apartment buildings that will pay me income from real estate rentals. I want my online business to make around 1.2MM a year or $100,000 per month" and so on...


It's not important that the goals are too big, it's important to keep on writing the goals down because your brain will start thinking differently... It'll start seeing pictures of your new life in your subconcious mind and going places where you have never travelled before or places where your mind wouldn't allow you to go...


Because if you always tell yourself, "Nah, this will never happen"... It will probably never happen to you, because you don't allow a thought of BIG success happen to you... But it's only in your head...


My mentor Grant Cardone has written every day for years that he wanted to have a 14-unit apartment someday and today he owns over 100 apartments and buildings... The last thing I've heard from him was that he's worth of $580 million dollars... And it all started with a journal... Just by writing every goals day he went from $0 to $580 million dollars...


And do you want to hear something funny? He just bought his jet #3 and he would like to buy an intercontinental jet...(well, my dream was to get a jet...) So, Grant wants to fly to Italy and back because he's buying a villa in the sunny part of Italy... 


Brian Tracy, one of my favorite mentors, wakes up every morning and writes his journal away... Result? Huge international success... And it's all by writing goals...


Chet Holmes has written goals everyday. By writing goals he achieved the status of the America's top marketing executive and worked with over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies including Charlie Munger, the partner of Warren Buffet. 


Surprisingly less than 3% of all people write down their goals.

And you know what? From those 3% who do WRITE their goals achieve 10x more than those who don't. (source: Harvard study, M.McCormack)


So one day when I was in London, I went and bought a rather expensive journal by Moleskine... And engraved my name on it! 😍 LOL!




I  wanted to enjoy it so I didn't mind spending over $30 on it... I recommend you get something really good so you can enjoy it...


October 23, 2017

Written by Gene Adam

Here are the 77 ways to motivate yourself... I just wanted to create a book that would help me to stay motivated. Later when I shared it with others people asked me to make a book out of it... and so I did! ;)


I hope you stay motivated until you're a millionaire! 


  1. Write long-term goals every day.

    Millionaires have one thing in common. They write goals every single day. Here's how it works.

    Buy a journal and every single day write goals in the morning before you start your day and in the evening. 

    Surprisingly less than 3% of all people write down their goals.

    And you know what? From those 3% who do WRITE their goals achieve 10x more than those who don't.


  1. When you set the dream goals. Do them everyday till they're done.
  2. List your passions. Get excited like a kid. What are you passionate about? Do that...

  3. Be aggressive, not satisfied.
  4. Set higher targets than normal and try your best to achieve them.
  5. Do exactly "that" what people call "can not be done"..
  6. Dominate the category, own it, and don't compete.
  7. Plan and write daily to-do goals 5-7 only. Clear up your RAM memory so you "brain" computer works better. David Allen write about clearing your RAM memory just like on the computer... Once your mind is clear you can work 110% again.. 💯 💪 🤓
  8. Eat the "ugliest frog" first. It means do the hardest task first. If you haven't read Brian Tracy I highly recommend it. 

    When you have too many tasks, go for the most difficult task over 100 easy ones - it will make you unstoppable and keep you VERY motivated.
  9. Complete anything, any task. Every task you complete - will excite you and motivate you - it will give you a piece of mind and it will give you satisfaction. It's recommended to complete the hardest first, but if you can't do that, do any task...
  10. Gradually do a few more tasks you did yesterday. Just a little more than yesterday.  It's natural that you get quicker at what you do.
  11. Get Disciplined. When you follow up, you get things done. When you show up on time you'll be somebody people can trust and can do business with. One time a realtor showed up late and he lost over $1,000,000 on a property, because the owner left. He was 2 minutes late. The owner said I don't do business with people that are not on time. That tells a lot about you.
  12. Show up early. Winners do show up early... And they prepare for a meeting... The late person is always guilty when they are late and they usually lose on the meeting.

  13. Assume success as your duty life. Later when you make it you can take care of your parents, your children and people around you. Because of your success everyone else will benefit... If you don't take this as your duty, you'll be stuck like the rest of people paralyzed and not able to help yourself and others around you as much as you would want to.

  14. Be a role model to others.

  15. Do so much that people criticize you - if they do it's a good thing. After criticism they admire...

  16. Be the most ethical person you know.

  17. Always respond emails, messages etc.. bad or good.. Let people know you're there... Say thank you, we will look into that... First of all it's more professional and second you will look higher in people's eyes.

  18. Surround yourself with 5 people better than you.

  19. Ignore negative, Get deaf when someone wants to stop you from getting your dreams.

  20. Get to know one person the is way better and smarter than you are and ask for guidance.

  21. Quit bad friendships and relationships.

  22. Get great partner in life.

  23. Get a new friend that is worthy to be your business partner.

  24. Be with the stars and the champions... Don't settle for just any friend. Most are cry babies and complainers. Do the 80/20.

  25. Make a list of 5 people you can contact who could change your life... think about what they could do for you

  26. Do 1 little bit at a time. You can write a book - just 15 mins per day.

  27. Do things bigger than yourself. 

  28. Get some new BIG problems and start solving those... Small problems bring small solutions.

  29. Do exactly what others refuse to do.

  30. Do 10% more than yesterday...

  31. Failure doesn't exist... unless you quit. Keep on trying you won't fail.

  32. Be responsible and dependable.

  33. Read 1 book a week.

  34. Replace 1 bad friend with 1 good one and spend more time with them.

  35. Do what you fear the most.

  36. Surround yourself with positivity.

  37. Get a mentor. Look for one... online, offline, via phone, facebook, twitter. Do everything you can to get one who's smarter. They can guide you... and lead you to success faster.

  38. Invest in yourself. Courses, Books, Trainings etc... Anything that will make your value go up.

  39. Take control of your duties and your life.

  40. Set 30 minutes blocks for work. I usually put an alarm for 33 minutes. I learned it from one copywriter Gene Schwartz... You can also do 10-15 minutes if you can't concentrate longer.

  41. Take 15 minute naps during the day... Leonardo Da Vinci sweared by it... True story.

  42. Get enough sleep. go to sleep early, and wake up early.

  43. Measure your results. Not just any results. Measurable means that you exactly can count how many phone calls you have made. And how many sales you've made today.

  44. Run between tasks "as fast as you can". What I mean is that schedule them tight. Occupy your brain before disbeliefs creep in and you don't procrastinate... 

  45. Schedule short breaks as a task... Relax, meditate, rest or nap...

  46. Be honest with yourself. Don't lie to yourself.

    You see, by being honest with yourself, you don't have to justify why you were late for a meeting...

    Of course you don't think you lie... but... do you remember you said...

  • "The bus was late..."

  • "There was a big accident on the freeway, that's why I'm late..."

  • "I forgot my keys and I had to go back..."

    Right? exactly! And that's why you didn't do the homework when you were in school? and you overslept? Haha. Yes!... I get it, you never lie, but in case you do... Make a pact with yourself that you will be true to yourself...

  1. Become a celebrity - learn how to become an extrovert. Most people think that you are born intravert but I believe it's a learnable skill. Why I think that? I've been there...

  2. Try new things... Get out of the house. It will make you less of an intravert. Go to a local coffeeshop and start a conversation. Connecting with people can even help you get more clients...

  3. Look good & amazing - Perception is reality. What you think of yourself is what you perceive. If something looks expensive probably it is expensive. So look like one.

  4. Exercise.. Start exercising with 5-10 mins per day... You can start walking if you're out of shape. But make it an everyday goal.

  5. Push yourself a little harder. Do 12 exercises instead of 10.. You can do it in business as well... A little harder push can make you stronger than any person around..

  6. Eat healthy - salt, sugar grain... Alcohol is sugar, drink more water normally.

  7. Get energetic, if you feel bad put the right music on.. Get electric. Whatever floats your boat..

  8. Believe it's gonna happen, stay positive because it must.

  9. Write your successes down... It makes you feel powerful.

  10. Play some music that will make you excited.

  11. Say yes to everything and new experiences. A lot of people stay negative about everything and the first word that comes out of their mouth is "Nah...". Don't be one of them... Say YES, to go for a movie, say YES to read a book, say YES to travel for 2 days for fun, say YES to call a client... I'm not saying blindly say "yes" to everything and get drunk. But anything that can bring you something positive in your life.

  12. Take weekends off and completely turn off, reboot and live it up.

  13. Take longer vacations and get amazing crazy time off.

  14. Through away your TV. It's also called a depression box. Through this thing away, it always talks "bad" news... "Good" news are so rare nowadays... It hurts.  

  15. Make the news, stop watching the news. Work on becoming somebody people can watch... People do business with people that are out there on the spot light... You'll get more money, more connnections, and everything will get easier.

  16. Become a social media celebrity, get famous at something, become the #1, impossible to beat... Get attention... It will make you noticeable.

    For example you can become popular on:

  • YouTube 

  • Facebook

  • A forum

  • Your blog

  • On someone else's blog (guest posting)
  1. Stop thinking you have a problem - you don't... Media and society makes you think you have a problem and then sell you a pill against it... For example, did they sell you on ADHD or ADD? And did you believe them it even exist? Our bodies haven't changed for 10,000 years and no one have ever documented such a desease. Babylonians didn't have it 5,000 years ago.. Not even Greeks 2,000 years ago. It's called child's play. If a child is hyper - all the child wants is play. Let 'em. Please don't kill them with chemicals before they grow up. They'll learn concentration when time comes.

  2. Think about your future, not past

  3. Go and help somebody... Small act will make you feel huge.

  4. Get rid of drama people and drama events in your life.

  5. Get rid of things in your life you don't feel good about... (You know it's bad). Even if it's small it will do wonders.

  6. Buy things you most enjoy using (I'm not talking about Ferrari). You like drinking coffee? Buy a nice coffee maker.. Get yourself a nice iPad or a notebook and enjoy it. You'll work on it every single day...

  7. Treat yourself amazingly. Stay in the best vacation spots / hotels. Get the best seats in movies, football games, etc.

  8. Get hungry, get urgency, get speed.

  9. Stay hungry, act hungry.

  10. Your purpose on this Earth. What's your higher purpose?

  11. Choose "great" over "good".

  12. Give people more than someone expects of you.

  13. Disrupt the industry... Don't be average

  14. Respect your hard earned money... They are like your children - they are the time you spent on.







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