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Gene Adam Gene Adam

Gene Adam


I look to change people's lives by helping them to make their first $100k passive income online in the next 12 months @ our 10k Mentoring Team...

Joined October 2015
October 27, 2017

1 Super Hack That Can Make You 300% More Productive in 1 Month From Now...

Written by Gene Adam

Set higher targets than normal and try your best to achieve them.

Most of the time we don't do the best we can. Want proof?

One time at the Tony Robbins's event, Tony asked the audience, "Let's do an exercise, stand up, and put one of your hands as high as you can". People did. Or so they thought... "Now", he continued, "put it even higher"... to everyone's surprise almost everyone was able to put the hand even higher the 2nd time around...

One of my mentors, Brian Tracy, taught me a trick. The trick is: "Just do 10% more than yesterday". Think of your tasks as muscles. When you're in the gym the trainer would recommend to do just a little more weight every time you work out...

The concept is just AMAZING. It works... If you keep on doing 10% more every day, it will blow your mind ehat results you will achieve. That's 10% today, 10% tomorrow and 10% the day after... In 1 week it's 70% better.... In 1 month it's 300% better... In 1 year it will be.... You know how much? Yeaaaassssss, the whole 3650%


When you write goals, always, I mean always, set them higher than normal. When you shoot for the stars at least you will reach the moon...

My mentor Grant Cardone taught me this. Write your most outrageous goals. Why? Because even if you don't reach them you still reach more than if you set small goals.

I've made smaller goals so I could take smaller steps.. Boy, was I wrong... As time passed I understood that I should have made bigger goals and then split them in chunks of smaller tasks... You need to plan the BIG plan...

You need to come up with a big picture and then pursue the little parts of it... Get BOLD. Make goals like, "How can I get a 40 apartment building" instead of "how can I pay the bills next month" or how to get a "500 dollar part-time job". I get it that having a $500 part-time job is important but it's a small little task that should complement your BIG PLAN.. Get it?

I hope this starts making sense... Because if you don't think big you will be stuck in the past paying bills and catching up with your today's problems.



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