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4 Types of employees you should never hire… on Elance, Fiverr or Craigslist etc

May 4, 2015

Written by Gene Adam

There are good and bad employees… But… you are the only one to decide whether you want to hire someone or not. It’s your business… do it right…

There are some 3 or 4-star employees that can effect your mood. I say: “Fire them”.

4 Things to watch out for:

#1: Spot the lier and fire them as soon as possible.

#2: Type that is ignorant and doesn’t understand the whole picture of your business. Tell them your vision and ask them if they understand. You are resposible. It’s your business. Don’t let your employee do whatever they want, because it might go the wrong direction. Understand what they are doing. If you don’t know what exactly they are doing, go and learn enough about the subject.

#3:  Bossy type. Don’t tolerate people’s B.S. Play by your rules. Some people might know a narrow part of your business. Don’t let them change your mind. Do what’s good for your business and fire them before you FAIL. You have a vision how your business will grow. Make the right decisions.

#4: Lazy and not effective type. If they can’t be accountable for each hour of their work, there’s something wrong. 

Reward your employee and be good to them.

Here’s a good example of what happend to me.

I hired a guy to publish my book on Amazon and he seemed alright in the beginning. He told me that it will cost me a few hundred bucks and it will take a few weeks to get it done.

Now, one hundred bucks turned into $450 and a few weeks turned into 1 month. Moreover, he commanded me to pay the balance the same day, even though he took longer than expected. I said I would pay within 1 week and that’s my company’s policy. I pay bills within 30 days and that’s a normal invoicing procedure…

He really threw his feet in the air and started telling me how he does a great job and said: “I don’t work for you! I work for Elance! I’m not your employee”. Also, he added extra hours to the bill without explanation of what it was for…ouch.. That’s when I thought, there’s something fishy and I got to stop it!

I’m very honest and straight forward with people but I don’t support bad behavior. I fired his ass!!!

While his work was good his attitude toward me was bad. And I don’t tolerate it…

The truth is that I don’t like obstacles to my success. I love working with good people. I have a few employees and I’m very nice to them and they are nice to me!


Be in control and hire great people. Your business will be fun and enjoyable!


Gene Adam

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