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I can show you where your copy is lacking and losing you customers. 
Then, we can rewrite it together. Reserve a time slot below!


3pm U.K.(London) BST time:

Hourly Rate:
$230 (£149)
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1 hour consult.

3pm - 4pm BST


1 hour consult.

3pm - 4pm BST


1 hour consult.

3pm - 4pm BST


1 hour consult.

3pm - 4pm BST


1 hour consult.

3pm - 4pm BST

If you see this error when adding to cart, it means that timeslot has already been booked:

Consultations are 1 hour

Done through Google Hangouts on the computer or in person in London, U.K.
Time slots are unavailable for purchase after someone else books the timeslot.
You will be sent to a confirmation page with more information after booking.
First come, first served!

Things I can help you with:
  • You need advice on a specific landing page.
  • You need help writing something that will stand out. 
  • You're trying to figure out how to "position" a product. 
  • You need help translating analytics data into more sales.
  • You need some outside-eyes to give everything a fresh look.
  • You've got a product to sell, and need some help writing the copy.
  • You want to create a direct mail piece that people will actually read.
  • You want to setup an autoresponder but don't know what sequence to write.
  Things I cannot help you with:
  • Selling to a market of people who aren't interested in what you have.
  • Promoting products that aren't useful.
  • Promoting bad products. 

It works! Thank you so much. I've been trying to figure it out for a long time and you just edited my headlines and sales copy and made it work in a few hours. Conversions are up. Thank you.

- Joyce  writes on 01/26/14

My philosophy is....

Text, video, audio, hieroglyphics, and caveman drawings are all designed to do the same thing:

Communicate information from one brain to another!

I can help you transfer information to your customers brain in the most effective way.  That can translate to a lot of sales.

I look forward to working with you!

Call/text if you have questions: +44 0772 929 4580

Questions? Drop me a line.

Contact in London, U.K.

To set up a consultation you can send me a message or call me:

phone: +44 0772 929 4580

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