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Gene Adam Gene Adam

Gene Adam


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December 10, 2015

Finding a Deeper Purpose... Are You Doing It for Money or Something Bigger than Yourself?

Written by Gene Adam

Are you making money just to have money and to be rich? If so listen up, because you are probably making a mistake... I made this mistake in the past without even realizing it and it sure didn't bring me happiness...


Find a deeper purpose in life that is bigger than yourself.


Why?  Because when you finally make a lot of money and you don't have a higher purpose, you will feel empty...


The truth is... money doesn't make you happy and it doesn't guarantee you happiness.


BUT... if you are already happy and have a higher purpose, money CAN help...


So, what purpose should you have?


Well, everyone has something that can drive them...


For example:

- Helping community, family or children

- Helping kids in Africa

- Change/imrove society

- Teach kids something

- change America (UK, or whatever country you are in)...



Ask yourself WHY are you doing it?


There's always something bigger than we are...


"The big purpose will bring you hapiness, more money  and more satisfaction in life..."


Money could be bad and good


It has a tendency to multiply 10x or 100x. For example:


If you direct money to a good cause (giving to others), money can help you 10x that... 


If you direct money to silly things (like alcohol or drugs), money can blow it up 10x that... 


Having a higher purpose


In fact, the richest people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Winfrey Oprah, Steve Jobs always had a higher purpose.


When Gates and Buffett were asked how they would leave the world a better place, both  see a higher purpose for their energies and their success in the world of business. They want to make a difference in the lives of others.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides 90 percent of the world’s polio vaccines.


Buffett decided to give 99% of his wealth away to the Gates' non-profit organization.


When you start putting others before yourself, that's when great things will start happening... 



Truly Yours,

Gene Adam




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