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Gene Adam Gene Adam

Gene Adam


I look to change people's lives by helping them to make their first $100k passive income online in the next 12 months @ our 10k Mentoring Team...

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May 20, 2016

How to Sell to a Small List and Profit Big! 

Written by Gene Adam



Good news. I'm starting new series: 'Big Profits with Small List'.

I think it will knock your socks off..


The biggest mistake marketers make is when they just say "what" they are selling... and THEY FAIL. it just doesn't work.


Here's a terrible example of what I mean, "I can teach you marketing"


Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat???    :-D :-D :-D


Or, I can teach you  [put your most boring thing here].


Sound familiar? That sure makes you unique... Or does it?


So what should YOU teach your email list, then?


The most important thing for your prospect is

to solve their problems... 


If you cover most of the problems people have, you naturally will make more sales... (considering that it's a wanted product in the right niche)


I just made a quick chart of what most marketers have trouble with.


Come up with 100 problems your customers already have this very second...


And you already will be better than 80% of the marketers out there... by answering people's concerns...



If you cover most of the problems people have, that's exactly what they are looking for...


Just find the hungry crowd and feed them a wanted product..


So, let's go back to the subject of how to get money from small lists.


How's that related? 



Send emails to people every single day and solve their problems...


They are waiting for you to write the emails and they are eager to get solutions from you...


That gives you an excuse to email them every day!   :-)   :-)


They won't be upset because you are giving them what they want..




Gene Adam


p.s. I think you will enjoy what I got for you here.. Click on the link above..




You passive income guy     

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