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Gene Adam Gene Adam

Gene Adam


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October 9, 2015

How to write a successful ad

Written by Gene Adam

Just to give you some ideas about how people can notice your ads better. 

You can do a few sneaky things that make you visible :

tell them not to do something trick ( “don’t buy XYZ product,  until you read this”). This one converts very well even if there are competitors on the same page 
use  ASCII characters and numbers
give people good value, something really great 
call to action 
capitalize words 
promise results, offer a solution or a benefit 


Let me talk about that in detail…

1. Tell them not to do something. I love the conversion rate. I usually say: don’t buy [my product] until you read this. 

It’s like the story about the pink elephant.  One guy comes up to the 2nd guy and says: “Today I will teach you how not to imagine pink elephants. ” The 2nd guy says: “Ok”. The 1st guy says: “close your eyes and don’t imagine pink elephants”. The 2nd guy says: “But I still see pink elephants !!!???”

If you say “don’t” you’re still telling people to think about the product and negative form catches your eye. Works like a charm.

And the second point – attention. It’s like your mom(or authority) would say: “Hey! Don’t do that!” And usually it would stop you in your tracks and you start paying attention.

2. Use of ASCII characters and numbers – include eye catching symbols. 

Boy, that works great! You can use the percent sign (%), registered trademark (®), plus sign (+) and asterisks (*). 

ASCII characters make the ads stand out from the competition and draw more eyeballs to it than a block of words/letters. 

Use of numbers – This is eye catching as well. You’ll see numbers in good AdWords ads a lot. They make your ads stand out by breaking them up in blocks of words or letters. They also make the add more specific. 

For example, “100% money back guarantee” or ”100% custom made.” This lets people know exactly what they’re getting, and if you include a price, it can reduce clicks from those who aren’t a good fit for your business.

 3. Good value and Great offer – Make a compelling offer… For example: “On sale for just $29 with a 100% money back guarantee”. Sounds awesome. 

 4. Call to action – Unfortunately, Google Adwords doesn’t allow “call to action”, but you can play around to get it right. For example, you can’t say “click here to get xyz”, but you can say “order xyz now”. 

 5. Capitalize all of the words in the ad. 

 6. Results / Benefits – it could be anything that gives a person an advantage. Examples: “You’ll sleep all night if you use just 1 Sleepwell pill. “. “We will beautifully design and deliver you a website within 24 hours”


Good stuff. Enjoy. Talk later.


Gene Adam



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