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Gene Adam Gene Adam

Gene Adam


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February 5, 2015

Stop making excuses. Get up and do something!

Written by Gene Adam

I watched the movie The Theory About Everything

And I learned 1 thing. The most of us have no problems in our lives at all in comparison with Stephen Hawkins… 

Stephen can’t walk, can’t talk, yet he is soooo positive…and he got a good sense of humor. 

I mean we have two hands…we can walk…and we can speak… Yet, most of us can’t touch what Stephen did. 

I mean come on… We have so many excuses… People constantly say you can’t do this… You can’t do that… 

When you say you can’t do something think of this movie. 

Reply me with comments and tell me what excuses you make that are nothing in comparison with Stephen Hawkins.


Gene Adam



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