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How ad 'fascinations' make $100 million per year in revenue

October 31, 2016

Written by Gene Adam

"Fascinations" -- teasers are the most interesting part of that article.


It's basically a "teaser copy" that makes you curious but it doesn't reveal all of the content, until you read the full article.


"Fascinations" are short interruptive paragraphs (usually just 1 sentence).


You can't get bored with "fascinations". If one paragraph doesn't interest you, your eyes will find the paragraph you like!


The art of writing the "fascinations" got perfected by Mel Martin, who worked for the The Boardroom which is responsible  for $100 million sales per year...


So what are "fascinations"? Let me just show you because it's the easiest:


It's like munching on peanuts - it keeps you interested and you keep on reading it...


Use it, it's very powerful... Cosmopolitan mag is using a lot of "fascinations" and you should too.


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