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Gene Adam Gene Adam

Gene Adam


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October 6, 2017

The Four Agreements Book

Written by Gene Adam


This is a very good book about the simple truths and common sense.


Either way, it's a great reminder of a positive book that you must read. 


One for the eye openers for me was this.


When we were children we were domesticated just like animals. "You can do this!", he yelled. "You can't do that..." She screamed. And by the time we are adults we lose the touch with ourselves...


We are trained as dogs and cats by our parents. And some of you had great parents beside you, but some of you didn't and it's hard to unwind the bad behavior they imposed on you...


Your parents and society gave you a "judge" and a "victim" that lives within you.


Your "judge" and your "victim" controls you and scares you...and tells you what you should and shouldn't do...


They can also make you fear things that can help you grow which are not dangerous at all... i.e. write a book, get on the stage and speak, contact a billionaire and ask for a partnership with him/her, or just propose to a loved one...


But most of the time your "judge" and "victim" will paralyze you. And you will justify it with something like "I can't do that"...


Now let's get into the agreements.


  1. Agreement #1: Be Impeccable with Your Word

You see, by being righteous with yourself and others, you don't have to justify your actions and your words...


Of course, you don't think you've done this... But do you remember you said to a girl: "Damn, you're ugly!"


There a few outcomes can come out of it:


  • If she did trust your word and took it to her heart, she became a believer that she's ugly... And that might as well happen to her in reality...   
  • If she didn't take you seriously... But then YOU felt bad that you said it, then YOU are in trouble... Why? Because you she's going to hate you for saying such a thing and it becomes like a poison to you...

When you say you love someone, action will produce a reaction. If I love you, you love me deal... You know where I'm going with this...

And when you feel bad about yourself, you rob yourself of your valuable energy...

You think about it, you worry about it, and sometimes you regret... Deep inside you know you should be spending your energy on something else... Something positive, something bigger, something better.

The word is pure magic. One word can make someone's life beautiful or it could destroy millions of people like one German man did some years ago...

We misuse words, through words at people in anger, revenge or jealousy...

But you do have an ability to turn it all around and key this world amazing, wonderful and joyful.

But only if YOU want to.

Gossips are like a poison... Avoid them if you can.

Misery likes company and people love to complaining by creating a gossip. It's like a bad virus, nothing good comes out of it... Unless you say something positive...


Imagine this. You meet your friend after class and she says: "the teacher was such a jerk, he gives us too much to learn and he will make you fail, watch out!"... What positive can come out of that?? I mean really...


You go to the class and you feel it in your skin. You start thinking to yourself, "yes, this teacher is a jerk", you start believing and agreeing with your poisonous friend. You go to the admin and you quit your class. The problem is that your friend already decided your fate...


Is that fair? Is that what you want in life? Aren't you supposed to be the decision maker? Be impeccable with your word. Stop the gossip. It's a virus. It's addictive. It's bad. Just walk away from this kind of life.

If you use the words right... You can change your life and the lives around you...

And make the life beautiful!


  1. Agreement #2: Don't Take Anything Personally

When people insult you they sometimes talk to themselves. If they say that you are "stupid". They can't possibly know that you really are... They talk to themselves, judging selfishly and comparing to their beliefs.


That has nothing to do with you. It is their "brain" computer that is broken. It's their problem, not yours. They agreed with their beliefs from the childhood and their mom or dad called them "stupid" for something that may never been "stupid"... But they learned to say it all the time even if they don't mean it...

And if they had bad parents that called everything "stupid", then their children say exactly the same thing to everyone and everything...

Don't take negativity personally.

Don't take someone else's emotional garbage... It is their garbage, not yours!!!


  1. Agreement #3: Don't Make Assumptions


Here's a typical story I'm sure you can relate to.


The husband comes home. Wife is angry. He doesn’t know why. She thinks... Of course, he knows... How could he do this to me...

She comes up to him and says, "How could you?"

He replies, "Honey, what's wrong?"


Most of the time we come up with assumptions that have never really happened. Your mind can dream and come up with all kind of stories around the thing that's on your mind.


Assumptions can put us into paralysis and could be very toxic.


So how do you solve this problem? Aren't we all have assumptions?


ASK QUESTIONS. To get rid of assuptions, just questions.


Before creating stories and attacking somebody just question if it was really meant to hurt you. Most of the time it's not the case.   


If you always have assumptions and disbelief about your partner and you are trying to change them, then you don't really like them. Find somebody who you don't have to change.


If you don't make assumptions you can truly understand them and live happily in peace.


  1. Agreement #4: Always do your best


If you do your best with the agreement #1, #2, #3 you will already better than most.


If you do your best to be impeccable with your word,

if you do your best not to take everything personally,

if you do your best and don't make assumptions,

you will improve hugely. However, it's not going to happen overnight because you have to unwind your past programming. 


Work for "enjoyment" and not a "reward". When you work for a paycheck(reward) Monday to Friday, 9-5, all you expect is money but the problem is that you probably hate the job.


If you do what you love (enjoyment), the time will pass by itself and it won't feel like work.


Why? Because you do your best doing what you love... So the time frame vanishes from your mind, and you can create amazing things... You create the best when you enjoy what you do...


Isn't that a part of happiness? I'd say so...




This world is full of the disease called "fear"... To stop this disease you have to realize that it is there and cure yourself of it. When you understand that you have this, you can control your emotions and declare the war with fear within you. 


Then you can fight your "victim" by doing your best because you are not hopeless... And then you can stop your "judge" from judging...


There's much, much more to this book. I definitely recommend you read the full book.


Do you want to own this book?




You passive income guy     

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