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Gene Adam Gene Adam

Gene Adam


I look to change people's lives by helping them to make their first $100k passive income online in the next 12 months @ our 10k Mentoring Team...

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June 6, 2017

We are the creatures of habit or how to be productive...

Written by Gene Adam

Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning,  brush your teeth, make some coffee, start your car and drive off to work...


You don't think about the details of each action you took that morning... Yes! It's automatic! Those are your "habits". We are the creatures of habits...


Also, when you do habits automatically your speed increases 10 times or more!


What if you could have only outstanding habits? Is it even possible? Hell, yes! Of course, it's possible. You can reprogram your brain!


Can you imagine you could get only "great habits" that make you thousands of dollars per week or even per  day...


Let's say those habits are "rituals". If you do a "ritual" for more than 30 days it becomes more automatic.


Bad rituals.

If you go to Facebook and spend there  1 hour per day for 30 days... You got yourself a sucker that takes 1 hour per day from your life... This is an example of a bad ritual. TV is another one...


Good Rituals.  

1. An hour of learning something useful in business for the next 30 days. hint: learn marketing, advertising, design, how to be a better humanbeing, psychology, etc...

2. An hour of regeneration. This could be an hour of yoga, gym, good massage,  siesta. If you over work you will become less effective at work.

Other cool ones: write 1 article or make 1 Youtube video per day, write 3 forum posts per day...for 30 days... 


And once it's automatic you can do it 10 times faster!


Now take that and think what you can change in your life that can make the right changes so you can be more effective in your personal life and business.




P.S. I wanted to make it short for beginners, so if you want me to talk more about this subject please drop me a line. 



You passive income guy     

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