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Gene Adam introduction

Lead gen. coach, writer and an optimist.

"My life's purpose is to help as many people as I humanly can..."

Gene immigrated as a teenager to U.S. from the Ukraine with $50 in his pocket. After sleeping on the floor for 2 years and working as a toilet cleaner he built a successful computer company. At 27 he made his first million dollars and despite his early success he lost all of his investments in the real estate crash of 2007.

By failing hard he came back much stronger this time. In 2009, Gene opened a new e-commerce store that generated a swarm of leads by building a social media audience. In 2019, he started teaching coaches, consultants and experts how to get results by building audience on social media.

"Today I teach coaches and experts how to build a profitable audience..."

So why should you believe Gene Adam? Well, because of his results:

  • 5,000+ happy customers that kept on buying his products from his Google Ads.

  • Worked as an social "audience" guy for dozens of coaches, e-commerce and agencies.

  • Helped driving traffic organically by writing targeted posts. Over 10000+ posts analyzed and 1000+ posts written.

  • Coached 30+ clients around the world by using organic traffic from social media
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    "Gene, this is a really good action plan! You were right, going all in by building an audience on Facebook is the way to go!"

    Yohan Wong

    Founder of a Facebook Agency and a Student of Gene Adam
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    "Thank you for helping us with our marketing. I'm blown away. We just made 4 more sales (literally a few days ago) after talking to Gene and implementing one of his strategies."

    Katerina Yocha

    Fashion Designer and Boutique Owner
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    "Nobody knew me and afterwards - I'm known. Not like superstardom but known to a good-sized audience who have since become my followers, have engaged with me, joined my groups, and started buying from me... It made a big difference."

    Paul Atherton

    Paul Atherton UK #1 Sales Coach and Creator of P.I.T.C.H.

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This book is about how you can show up in front of your perfect clients and become an authority in almost any niche by publishing on social media.
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