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Want To Hire Gene Adam? 
Here Are A Few Options And Current Pricing:
Lunch (To Pick His Brain For An Hour) Starting @ $500 
Speaking At Event Is $10,000 Or 50% Of Back Of Room Sales (Whichever Is Higher)
Building A Funnel Is $25,000 And 10% Of Gross Sales Of That Funnel
Train Your Team Is $10,000 For 2 Days In London, United Kingdom Or $25,000 On Location
If you'd be interested in hiring Gene, please contact his assistant at:

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Over the past 10 years, Gene has been teaching how to build businesses online that has an ability to make money while you sleep. His goal is to transform as many lives as humanly possible into self-reliant, wealthy and happy individuals that will change world economies for generations to come.
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"Join Me On My Journey To Help Millions of People to Get Rid Of The Plastic World We are a Part of!"
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