* 1-on-1 / Group Coaching * Invitation to Work With Me

(4 week client getting intensive)

I have a wonderful 1-on-1 / group coaching program for coaches and consultants who are already attracting clients and earning some money from their businesses... but making less than $10K-$20K/month… You could be so close to your goal and need some refining and fine-tuning...

This is for you if you need help getting more high ticket clients and scaling without overworking and overwhelming yourself.. This can be achieved with organic audience and without paid ads.

If you are extremely ready to start enrolling high-ticket clients effortlessly by connecting with the right people on Facebook and creating posts (or videos) that convert… with consistent $10K-$20K+ months. (My highest month online so far is $28K/month and I’m estimating to break into $30K-$40K range soon)

I'll work with you closely 1-on-1 / or via group program for one month's period of time on these things:

  1. Choosing the right audience framework that will get consistent leads daily which will get you steady clients and sales. We will find where your perfect audience is. If you already have an audience, that’s a great sign, most likely we can scale this. If you don’t I’ll help you find them.

    (’ll give you my working super simple process for getting a few leads per day - exactly as I do it. I'll show you how to shortcut the process)

  2. Getting extremely clear on your ideal client who will pay you right away and who will be happy with your work. (I'll take you through a step-by-step process to identify them)

  3. Writing posts which pitch your offer on social media so you get the right leads sending you PMs like magic. You’ll learn my method that attracts people and makes them contact you instead of the other way around. You will not need to spam anyone to do this. You don’t need to make any discovery calls. You don’t even need webinars.

    Our goal is to create incredible lead-generating/selling content and written posts that stops potential clients in their tracks.

    (You'll learn the process of how to write the posts that attract only your perfect clients - not the people that don't want to pay.. You'll learn how to be an expert and solve their problems with your offer even if you think you're not an expert now)

  4. Helping you get more confident so that you can get your ideal clients a real outcome, if they meet all of your conditions.

  5. Using the frameworks for your posts or any other content. I will review your posts and we will go over it every time we meet.

    (I'll give you my best frameworks that convert well)

  6. Working on your offer. Especially if your offer is making few sales. (I'll give you my exact system how to craft an irresistible offer that converts like magic)

  7. Identifying roadblocks. ( I’ll take you through my process that will identify what pieces are missing in your business and what you have to do to achieve results)

  8. As a bonus: I will teach you how to create amazing mini webinars that convert. I can't believe no one is teaching this… This is my favorite 80/20 hack. Simple but powerful.

    (You'll also learn how shorter videos can shortcut the process and catapult you to your success. You don't need to create 3 hours webinars)

  9. Mindset - how to overcome your wrong beliefs - that are keeping you from having $10k-$20k+ months. Mindset is responsible for all of my successes and if I see you are struggling with this, we probably will start with that. However, this is not a full-time mindset coaching. If you have a wrong mindset, I will allocate time for that. But I expect to work mostly on helping you get your audience and get you results.

  10. Using my step-by-step system for closing sales via Messenger - without closing on the phone!

    (The process is so simple that you will close them almost automatically without you realizing you are doing it! I'll show you my step-by-step process on how to apply it in your niche and your core offer)

You'll receive the worksheets, guides and instructions to help you and a step-by-step process for our meetings - yours to keep for life.

This program includes 1-on-1 meetings via Zoom -OR- Group coaching on Zoom - every week for about 1 hour with detailed homework assignments, and unlimited email access between meetings to work out any bugs. The total time working together is: 4 weeks.

The investment for this program is still $3K as of now (but I'm thinking about doubling the price). It’s a very small investment considering it can pay you back 10x and in some cases even 100x. But you got to implement it to get great results.

This particular program is unique unlike most programs on the internet, because it’s simple, straightforward and won’t teach you fluff.

I’ll help you create a truly all-in-one customized solution that will help you get more leads and explode your business if you follow my strategies. And, it can’t be applied anywhere else, because it's unique to you.

It's not just finding your ideal client, ...not just finding your messaging, ...not just creating the right offer, and not just generating sales... but the whole package.

The investment for the program is still quite low if you compare it to the results it gets.... The investment is still in mid 5-figures, but if it gets 6-figures, wouldn’t it be worth it?

The best candidates that want to scale their businesses with me, MUST:
  • be pretty good at writing posts & making content (not beginners)

  • already have a niche

  • have a few case studies or examples of your clients getting results working with you

  • already have had coaching clients and have experience with transforming clients’ lives

My system will get the gears turning, get you to speed and help you scale in a few months' time.

It can take 1-3 months to make the content machine working from scratch. However, many of you might need less time because you are not starting from scratch.

In some cases you can get there faster. The quicker you start the faster you build your audience. Time works against you, and your competitors are probably figuring out the same thing. Don’t wait to build your audience later and start today.

If you like what you are reading and interested in this offer, follow me or add me as a friend on FB. Then, simply send me a PM on Facebook and we will continue the conversation.

Please include a couple of things:
  • What’s your expertise? (and your niche if you have one)
  • What’s your current package and pricing?
  • Include some client’s results
  • How much do you want to make?
  • And what do you expect from working with me? Why me? Why do you think I’m the one that can help you?

Send it via Facebook Messenger here:


We'll have a quick chat on the Messenger. If it’s a good fit, we can start the same week!

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    "Gene, this is a really good action plan! You were right, going all in by building an audience on Facebook is the way to go!"

    Yohan Wong

    Founder of a Facebook Agency and a Student of Gene Adam
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    "Thank you for helping us with our marketing. I'm blown away. We just made 4 more sales (literally a few days ago) after talking to Gene and implementing one of his strategies."

    Katerina Yocha

    Fashion Designer and Boutique Owner
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    "Nobody knew me and afterwards - I'm known. Not like superstardom but known to a good-sized audience who have since become my followers, have engaged with me, joined my groups, and started buying from me... It made a big difference."

    Paul Atherton

    Paul Atherton UK #1 Sales Coach and Creator of P.I.T.C.H.