How to Get a Profitable Crowd Organically: Josh Forti on Social Media

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So my buddy Josh and I recorded a quick podcast about getting a profitable audience from social media.

If you ever wanted to reach as many people as possible. You probably got it wrong. Most of the time you get crickets – no leads and no sales!

There are Cocacolas and Apples of the industry that go for everyone. But those are generally the tiniest weirdest 1% with billions of dollars in the ad budget.

It’s been proven again and again. Broad simply doesn’t work.

Josh and I will discuss how most people fail on Instagram (or any social media) and why creating content that only gets likes won’t get you anywhere.

According to a recent study, 90-95% of Americans don’t get any clients. And a whopping 5% admit they got some clients and only 2-3% have clients beating a path to their door…

That great feeling of having hundreds of likes will destroy your hope for new clients — if you don’t decide to get specific and pinpoint who your real customer is. (Don’t forget, you have to dig deep)

Trust me, I’ve been there. I totally failed. It’s embarrassing to admit.

I had “responsive” posts and I thought it’s a winner. I got posts that received over 300 likes. Not a soul bought my course and I got discouraged. I stopped thinking about getting leads for a while, because I said to myself, “this doesn’t work”!

Watch the interview below:

When I first started my business, I thought I’d never crawl out from under the embarrassment and shame. But I’m telling you — once I made the decision I’m going to get to the bottom of it I started my 1 year research.

As as result I published a new book, Limitless Audience, is a step-by-step guide to building an audience and getting clients in a way that works for YOU. (Even if it means doing the opposite what other people are doing. There are a few “rules” that most people plainly ignore! )

If you have a problem with getting clients watch this episode now. You’ll learn:

  • How Josh got thousands of new prospects and got 0 sales…
  • What “publishing” REALLY means — and how Josh became successful.
  • The crucial step to land sales when you publish.
  • How Josh stubbornly published podcasts and how it paid off. 
  • How to find YOUR voice when you publish.
  • One failure that transformed Josh’s life forever.
  • How to craft YOUR message to find your perfect customers.